Environmental Policy

Evoque Designs firmly believe that beautiful interiors enhance our quality of life both at home and in the workplace and strives to develop spaces that not only look and feel good to be in but that are also healthy and fit for purpose. The wider environment is equally important. The textile, furnishing and construction industries have not, historically, operated in a particularly environmentally friendly way. A situation which is now, thankfully, changing. Environmentally friendly, paints, fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, etc are now becoming more readily available with greater choice and improved quality. Of even greater significance is the number of manufacturers who are seeking to comply with the strict criteria for accreditation as a 'cradle to cradle' manufacturers.

It is the policy of Evoque Designs to take all possible steps to ensure the Environmental credentials of every project. In order to achieve this Evoque Designs will:

  • Make every effort to ensure the efficient ordering and use of materials to minimise waste and use local services whenever possible to reduce transport costs and emissions and to support local businesses
  • To whenever possible, re-use or up-cycle existing materials, and make use of surplus materials from other projects
  • Source all materials from companies who operate with their own strong environmental policies and to continually seek to find suppliers who use a ‘cradle to cradle’ manufacturing process
  • Seek to use paints and other such materials that are non toxic
  • Ensure that waste items are up-cycled or recycled with the aim of achieving 0% of waste going to landfill
  • To ensure the use of the most efficient appliances, lighting, heating and water saving measures as appropriate to each project
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