Interior Design

We pride ourselves on our professional, friendly approach and always aim to be as flexible as possible in meeting the requirements of our clients. This ethos manifests itself most readily in our Interior Design Service, where we appreciate fully that your home is an important, valuable asset, the styling of which you would not entrust to other than the most professional designer and that your time is valuable. With this in mind, the majority of our clients access our interior design service in one of the three following ways:

Our first level of service - Inspirations - gives you time with a designer to discuss your needs and ideas. The designer will then come back to you with an inspirational design scheme for your room with mood boards giving you ideas for decoration, fabrics, furniture and colour.

With our second level of service - Source - your designer will provide a detailed quote for and source all the things you will need within your stated budget. Arrange delivery exactly when you want it, saving you time and frustration and saving you money by getting the best possible deal for you from suppliers. 

Our third level of service - Project Management - gives you the freedom to get on with what you do best while we get on with what we do best. Your designer will arrange to have everything done for you, from sourcing the individual elements of your design, arranging their delivery, selecting and managing the tradesmen and finally dressing the room.

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