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Property Staging / Home Styling

Selling your home? Show it for all its worth

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is preparing a property for the market place in a way that creates the best possible impression to any potential purchaser.  Whether you are a home owner, a developer or a landlord, home staging can help you get sale you want.

Viewers make the decision to buy or not to buy in the first few minutes.

Home Staging

Your property may benefit from a change of layout, de-cluttering, decoration, cleaning or updating. We will advise according to your budget in order to enhance the property’s good points and diminish those that are less appealing, making it as light, bright and stylish as possible  taking into account the local market and buyer priorities.

First Impressions Count and Home Staging will ensure that your property is At It’s Best and Dressed To Impress.

In a highly competitive market it can seem as though reducing the asking price is the only way to generate interest but home staging can dramatically improve the appeal of your property helping you to sell faster and at a better price. With many years experience in both Estate Agency Management and New Home Sales and as Certified Home Staging and Styling Professionals and members of the Home Staging Network we are uniquely placed to advise you on how to achieve the sale or rental price that you want.

Our Services

Consultation and Report

We offer an initial consultation with a full Action Plan and Home Staging and Marketing Report. The report will include fully sourced suggestions for accessories, goods and recommended contractors. Advice on best options for online marketing and assessment of estate agent marketing activities.

Project Management Service

This can include full or partial project management and will support all Action Plan Report requirements in order to keep the project on track. This can include sourcing of suppliers, trades and accessories, personal shopping service, final dressing and finishing touches and support to organise declutter, storage and sale of items.

Email Service

It is also possible to request a non visit report.  If you send in photographs of the property and estate agents details (if the property is already on the market). We can provide advice by email.

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